A .DEFINITIONS is the website of Char-Li SPRL, a company that sells people transport services, herein called “ticket” in its name and on behalf of its business partners.

Client: person who is in possession of a valid ticket for the Service.

Contract: contract of carriage by car, mini van or van (refered to by the term “minibus”) concluded between the Carrier and the Client related to the performance of the Service.

Carrier: CharLi, 100% owned by Char-Li SPRL, BELGIUM

Service: CharLi sells the transportation of people, mainly by shared minibuses, by means of grouped reservations where passengers regroup around proposed schedules and pick-up points (but not systematic because linked to reservations), to Belgian airports and countries around Belgium. By proposing fixed schedules and fixed pickup points and fixed journeys (but not obligatory because against payment, pick-up points can change), we can offer advantageous prices. We call these routes "lines".

Charli Shuttle is not in any way parked at the pickup points nor is it the official partner of any airport. CharLi only works on reservation and will only be present at airports or pick-up points upon request of passengers.


These general terms and conditions of sales and carriage apply to any offer and Contract between the Client and the Carrier on a Line (see website for list of routes



C.1.1. The Contract is concluded between the Carrier and the Client.

C.1.2. The Client is however duly informed that the Carrier expressly reserves the right to operate all or part of the carriage through a subcontractor, which shall be reputable and hold the required licenses to operate the carriage. When all or part of the Service is subcontracted, and unless otherwise provided, references to the Carrier under these general terms and conditions also extend to its subcontractors, agents and employees of its subcontractors and agents.

C.1.3. The scope of the Contract is limited to the carriage from the point of departure to the point of arrival as provided on the ticket, to the exclusion of any other service. Any prior or subsequent services of carriage purchased by the Client shall be deemed to be separate and distinct contracts, both in respect of their performance and their compensation.


By this Contract, the Carrier shall transport the Client by car or minibus from the point of departure to the point of arrival chosen by the Client, as provided on the ticket. The Carrier shall however be entitled to suspend or cease performance of the carriage in any cases provided by law or by these general terms and conditions.


D.1. The Client agrees to pay the price of carriage in accordance with the special terms and conditions of the contract.


D.1. The price of carriage depends on the number of passengers included in the same booking. Consequently, the Client is not entitled to request the application of the same tarif  for a subsequent journey or for an additional booking made subsequently if the number of clients have changed in the new booking.

D.2. Tickets paid directly to the driver (cash until Juli 1st) are priced the same as on line as the online fee also applies on board. The payment of the tickets from the bus driver is only possible by card or cash.

D.3. Journeys for children under 2 are free. One child per adult is authorized.

D.4.  A night surcharge of 5euros per person is applied between 9pm and 7am.

D.5.  After midnight, a private transfer can be organised for you, at your own costs, so that you do not stay at the airport. it is your responsibility to inform us of your delays and to order a private transfer.



E.1.1. The ticket seals the Contract between the Client and the Carrier.

E.1.2. In principle, the confirmation of the booking shall be deemed to be sufficient evidence of the Contract.

E.1.3. Upon boarding, the Client shall produce his electronic booking confirmation, either in print or on his Smartphone. In the event the Client is not able to produce evidence of his booking, he shall purchase a new ticket, from the driver if appropriate, subject to available seats. The payment of the tickets from the bus driver is possible.

E.1.4. Tickets are strictly individual and may not be sold or transferred to a third party.

E.1.5. The Client shall not hold the Carrier liable for the loss or deterioration of his ticket.


E.2.1. Booking becomes effective only after full payment of the ticket, and handling fees if applicable, and receipt of the booking confirmation that shall be considered proof of the contract of carriage.

E.2.2. Booking of tickets can in principle be made (i) online through the or via the app, (ii) on board the coaches, (iii) at a travel agency approved by the Carrier or (iv) with resellers/dealers authorized by the Carrier.

E.2.3. Payment for the tickets may be made (i) by cards for online purchases, (ii) by cash and card (Juli 1st 2018) on board, (iii) in cash, by Visa, MasterCard or Maestro for purchase at travel agencies or with resellers/dealers authorized by the Carrier.


E.3.1. A ticket can not be modified but if the client missed his shuttle because of a cancelled or delay flight, a seat can be given on the next available car, or van, on the initial route but contact must be made with the call center to find a seat.  There is no garantee that a seat will be found on the same day.

Refunds are never permitted.

E.3.2. Non-utilization of booked tickets does not provide an entitlement to any reimbursement.


The Client shall pay his ticket at the time of booking. In case of online payment, payment is deemed made when the Carrier is credited with the price of the ticket.


F.1. The pick-up point is indicated is on the ticket. The Client shall board on the minibus at the point of departure. If the Client is not present at the point of departure, the Carrier reserves the right to leave.

F.2. The point of arrival is provided on the ticket. If the point of arrival is not reachable by minibus, for reasons beyond the control of the Carrier (road works, accidents, demonstrations, weather conditions, etc.), the Carrier is entitled to choose another point of arrival, close to the original point. The Clients are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of possible costs incurred by such modification of the itinerary.

F.3. The departure time is provided on the Client's ticket. The Client shall be present at the boarding point at least 15 minutes before the departure time provided on the ticket. The Carrier shall not be obliged in any circumstances to wait for the Client after the scheduled departure time.

F.4. The arrival time provided on the Client's ticket is purely indicative. It is calculated based on the average flow of traffic. Events such as congestions, delays, road works, accidents, technical problems, weather conditions, or the behavior of other Clients can cause delays and are in no way attributable to the Carrier, which shall not be held liable for any compensation of any kind to the Client.

F.5. The Client is responsible for obtaining and possessing the necessary documents (identity card, passport, visa, permission to leave the territory...) to accomplish police formalities imposed by the countries of departure, transit and arrival. The Client shall obtain relevant information regarding the formalities to accomplish before purchasing the ticket. In any case, the client shall prove his identity and the Carrier will not be held responsible in case of police control and in case of disembarkation the Carrier reserves the right to continue his journey and to disimbarke all of the customer’s bags. The Carrier shall assume no liability towards the Client who does not comply with these rules. The Carrier shall in no event be held liable towards the Client for full or partial reimbursement or damages of any kind.

F.6. Children and minors under 18 years old who are not accompanied by a person vested with parental authority are not authorized on board for cross-border journeys.

F.7. Only animals (pets, no wild animals) who can fit in a cage are admitted on board but the Client needs to inform the Carrier of the presence of animals onboard at least 48 hours in advance.

F.8. There are no assigned seats. Minibuses are 12 seaters max.

F.9. If the Carrier is not able to find a seat for a Client who booked a ticket, the Carrier shall offer the Client another mean of transportation to reach their destination.

F.10. Where the journey includes several stopping points, the Client is free to leave at any stopping point preceding the final destination provided on the ticket. However, the Client is not entitled to a partial reimbursement, nor to use his ticket on another coach to continue his journey.

F.11. Employees of the Carrier are allowed to refuse permission to board or to disembark any person who is not wearing proper attire, who is inebriated or untidy.

F.12. It is prohibited to listen to music with loudspeakers during the whole length of the journey. Earphones may be used subject to the condition that the volume be adjusted so as not to disturb the other Clients.

F.13. It is prohibited to consume food.

F.14. The Client shall behave in a manner to ensure the quietness of the journey and to ensure that the equipment of the coach is not deteriorated or soiled.

F.15. It is strictly prohibited to smoke on board.

F.16. The Client shall comply with all prohibitions and orders given by the Carrier.

F.17. The Carrier reserves the right to stop the transport and to request disembarkation of a Client who does not comply with the carriage requirements set forth by these general terms and conditions, without any obligation for the Carrier to reimburse or to compensate the Client in any way. The Carrier shall not be held liable for the behavior of other Clients on board.

F.18. The Carrier provides child seats. Special seats are required for children less than 1.35m. Clients MUST request such seats at the time of booking. If this is not the case, the carrier reserves the right to refuse participation of the journey.



G.1.1. The Service offered by the Carrier includes the right for the Client to carry:

  1. One (1) item of hand baggage in the Client cabin:
    • Maximum size: 40 cm x 32 cm x 14 cm
    • Maximum weight: 10 kg
  2. One (1) item of baggage in the baggage hold:
    • Maximum size: 54 cm x 84 cm x 40 cm
    • Maximum weight: 20 kg

Employees of the Carrier are entitled to refuse additional baggage when there is no more space available in the baggage hold reserved for this purpose. If the Client decides not to travel for this reason, no reimbursement shall be due.

These weight and size limitations do not apply to orthopedic equipment.


G.2.1. Baggage may not contain any item that may endanger the coach, the Clients, the Carrier or its employees.

G.2.2. Baggage shall not inconvenience the other Clients by their aspect, smell or size. In such case, the Carrier's employees or agents are entitled to refuse transportation of such baggage. If the Client decides not to travel for this reason, no reimbursement shall be due.

G.2.3. Any ordinary weapon or firearm which is legally authorized (e.g. sporting rifle, collector's item weapon) shall be previously notified to the Carrier. They may be transported only in the baggage hold subject to the prior approval of the Carrier and the possession by the Client of evidence proving he is legally authorized to bear arms.

G.2.4. Items such as bicycles, skis, musical instruments, televisions, screens, or domestic appliances must be notified at the time of booking. We recommend making the booking over the phone to inform the Carrier. If more space is needed to transport those items, the maximum price of a seat (30E) will be charged. The Carrier shall in no event be held liable for damage incurred by these types of items.

G.2.5. It is prohibited to transport illegal or inflammable products.


G.3.1. For safety reasons, the Client accepts that the Carrier's employees carry out inspections of baggage. If the Client refuses an inspection of baggage, the Carrier reserves the right to refuse him permission to board and/or to load the baggage, without being held liable for reimbursement or damages of any kind towards the Client for such refusal.


G.4.1. The Client is entirely responsible for the packaging of his baggage. All the carried items shall be properly packed in suitcases, bags or other adequate packages capable of being subjected to normal handling. Fragile items shall be adequately packed.

G.4.2. All items shall be labelled with the Client's name, address and phone number.


G.5.1 The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to load any baggage which does not comply with the above requirements. If the Client decides not to travel for this reason, the Carrier shall not be held liable and the Client is not entitled to reimbursement of his ticket nor to compensation of any kind.


G.6.1. The Client is responsible for loading and unloading his baggage from the baggage hold. The Client shall verify before departure that his baggage is in the baggage hold. Upon arrival, the Client shall retrieve all baggage belonging to him.

G.6.2. Upon completion of the carriage, the Client shall ensure that no baggage, object or personal item is left on the coach. If the Client leaves an item or baggage on the coach after arriving at the destination, the Carrier has the right to leave it at the point of arrival if he considers there is a risk to the safety of carriage or if there is insufficient space to load other Clients' baggage.

G.6.3. In any case, the Carrier shall not be obliged to retain the abandoned baggage. The Carrier is not obliged to store the luggage and not obliged to idenfify the owner either.

G.6.4. In the event a Client claims an object or item of baggage left or lost on the coach, the Carrier is entitled to request all necessary proof of ownership of the claimed object.


G.7.1. The Carrier may not be held liable in case of theft of baggage.

G.7.2. Except in the event of gross negligence or willful misconduct attributable to the Carrier, the latter shall in no event be held liable for the loss of or damage to hand baggage and, more generally, for the loss of or damage to all items transported by the Clients on board except in the baggage hold.


The Carrier is responsible for damage incurred by Clients caused by accidents which occurred during performance of the Contract, unless the Carrier proves that the accident is due to a foreign cause that may not be attributed to him.


I.1. Departure time are provided on the Client's ticket.

I.2. The departure time provided on the ticket is purely indicative as it is calculated based on the average flow of traffic BUT, except for extraordinary circumstances, the minibus WILL leave on time. Except in the event of gross negligence or willful misconduct, the Carrier may not be held liable for the consequences of delays at departure or arrival. Events such as congestions, delays, road works, accidents, weather conditions, technical problems or the behavior of other Clients can cause delays and are in no way attributable to the Carrier, who shall not be held liable for any compensation of any kind to the Client.The Carrier advises the Client to plan to be 2 hours in advance at the airport for European flights and 3 hours in advance for Intercontinentals flights. The Client shall take the traffic and other adverse conditions into account when planning their journey.

I.3. The Carrier reserves the right to modify schedules as may be necessary and, in particular, to comply with decisions of the competent authorities.

I.4. Schedule modifications made in good faith by the Carrier after conclusion of the Contract shall not give right to the Client to claim compensation.

I.5. Prior to booking, the Client shall consult the departure times and the stopping points agreed to and mentioned on the ticket. Changes of departure times and stopping points may occur after the issuance of the ticket. The Client is requested to consult the website and app in order to be informed of any possible modifications prior to departure.


J.1. The Client declares to have acknowledged his right of withdrawal within 48 hours as from the date mentioned on the Service booking receipt.

J.2. In accordance with the law, withdrawal may not be exercised as soon as performance of the Service has started.

J.3. Booking of a return ticket, as well as an itinerary composed of several points of departure and of arrival, are deemed to be a unique service for the application of the present provision.


K.1. Personal data transmitted online by the Client to the Carrier shall be used by the latter to perform the solicited services and to monitor its customers.

K.2. Within 2 months following the conclusion of his journey, the Carrier may send to the Client a survey about the quality of the Service.

K.3. If the Client did not expressly oppose the use of his personal data gathered during the booking process, the Carrier may use this data to prospect and inform the Client on new similar products or services provided by the Carrier.

K.4. The Client has the right to object, free of charge, by informing the Carrier he does not wish or no longer wishes to receive information on the Carrier's new products and services. This right of objection shall be expressly repeated in the General Terms and Conditions every time a new booking is made.

K.5. The Client's personal data shall not be transmitted to any third party, except in accordance with the law (i) to payment card management companies in case of online payment by credit card, and (ii) to public authorities to the extent they consider it necessary. Personal data is retained for 2 years as from the booking of the Service.

K.6. The Client declares to have acknowledged his right to contact the Carrier in order to have access to his personal data, to amend or to request that they be deleted.


L.1 Any claim relating to the booking, performance or consequences of the Contract shall be filed by the Client within 3 months as from the date the Contract was or should have been performed.

L.2. Any claim shall be filed by the Client with the Carrier by registered mail with a formal acknowledgement of receipt.

L.3. Without prejudice to compulsory legal provisions, all claims filed after this deadline shall be deemed null and void.


13.1. The Contract is governed by the laws of Belgium.

13.2. All disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the City of Liège.


14.1. If one or more provisions contained in these general terms and conditions would be deemed to be partially or completely contrary to the law, only the clause or the part of the clause or provision concerned shall be deemed null and void, without affecting the validity of the remaining provisions, parts of clauses or of the contract as a whole. The clause would then be replaced by a clause which best approximates the original wording used.

14.2. In case of problems of interpretation, the French version of these general terms and conditions shall prevail.